(as of January 13, 2004)

Faculty of Dentistry
Mr K H Tsoi & Professor B W Darvell Aspects of Network Statistics in Polymer Fragments
Faculty of Engineering
Department of Civil Engineering
Miss Wing-man Cheung Dynamic Traffic Assignment for Congested Highway Network
Professor S H Lo Analysis of Building Structures Using Hybrid Stress Hexahedral Elements
Professor L G Tham &
Professor Chunan Tang
Three-dimensional Analysis of Brittle Materials
Dr S C Wong A Multi-commodity Discrete/Continuous Approach to Traffic Equilibrium Problems
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
Dr Francis C M Lau China National Grid Project
Dr Anthony T C Tam Directed Point High-Speed Communication Interface
Dr C L Wang Grid Computing Projects and Systems Research Projects
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Dr Nelson H C Yung &
Dr Kwong-keung Leung
Fast and Efficient Video Coding Based on Communication and Computation Scheduling on Multiprocessors
Department of Industrial and and Manufacturing Systems Engineering
Dr Philip L Y Chan Computation of Renewal Functions
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Dr Dennis Y C Leung Large-Eddy Simulation of Physical and Chemical Processes in Urban Street Canyons
Dr Chun-ho Liu Turbulent Flow, Pollutant Transport, and Chemical Processes in the Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Dr C O Ng & Miss Emily W M Ho A Numerical Study On Turbulent Oscillatory Plane Couette flow
Dr Alfonso H W Ngan Atomistic Simulation of 3-D Dislocation Processes
Professor A K Soh Mechanics of Ultra-thin Films and Nanolaminates
Professor S T Tan Heterogeneous Solid Modeling Using Materially Defined Geometric Entities
Dr L Q Wang Multiplicity and Stability in Transport Phenomena
Faculty of Science
Department of Chemistry
Professor K Y Chan Non-equilibrium Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Ion Transport in Nanostructures & Molecular Simulation of Nanometals
Miss Pik-ying Chan Time-resolved Resonance Raman Spectroscopic and Density Functional Theory Study of Arylnitrenium Ions
Miss Wing-sum Chan Time-Resolved Resonance Raman and Density Functional Theory Study Investigation of the Intermediates and Mechanism of Benzoin Derivatives and p-hydroxyphenacyl Esters Compounds
Professor Chi-ming Che &
Dr Glenna S M Tong
Theoretical Studies of Transition Metal Containing Compounds
Dr GuanHua Chen Electronic and Tribological Properties of Carbon Nanotube Based Structures
Dr Allan S C Cheung &
Dr Glenna S M Tong
Ab initio Quantum Mechanical Calculations of Metal-containing Molecules
Mr Y H Chui &
Professor K Y Chan
Molecular Simulations of Alloy Nanoparticles
Dr Ivan K Chu & Mr Corey N W Lam Formation of Molecular Radical Cations of Oligopeptides
Ms Lihong Hu A Novel Computational Tool-Combine Quantum Mechanical and Neural Networks Methods
Professor D L Phillips Photochemistry, Chemical Dynamics and Molecular Spectroscopy
Mr Chi-chiu Ma Optical Properties of Carbon Nanotube
Dr Yuk-wai Tang Nonequilibrium Structural and Transport Properties of SPC/E Electrolyte in Nanopores
Dr Xiujun Wang Combined Density Functional Theory/Neural-Networks Correction Method and its Application
Mr Lai-ho Wong Combining First Principles Method and Neural Network Approach to Calculate the Absorption Energy of Conjugated Oligomers
Mr Chi-yung Yam Linear-scaling Time-dependent Density Functional Theory
Professor Vivian Wing-wah Yam Luminescent Transition Metal Complexes and Clusters – Electronic, Structural and Theoretical Aspects
Department of Physics
Dr Hoi-fung Chau Numerical Study of Econophysical Systems
Dr Yan Chen Theoretical Studies on Electronic Structure of High Temperature Superconductors
Mr Ki-hiu Ho Numerical Study of Econophysical Systems
Mr King-fung Ho Deconvolution of Positron Annihilation Coincidence Doppler Broadening Spectra Using an Iterative Projected Newton Method with Non-negativity Constraints
Dr John K C Leung Data Assimilation Analysis and the Optimization of Radiation Protection Countermeasures in the Event of Offsite Accidents from Nuclear Power Plants in the Daya Bay Area
Dr Jian Wang Ab initio Calculation on Transport Properties of Molecular and Nano Devices
Department of Mathematics
Dr Michael K P Ng New Gas-Phase Chemistry Solver for the PATH Modeling System
Faculty of Social Sciences
Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science
Dr Wai-sum Chan Some Nonlinear Time-Series Models for Actuarial Use
Miss K Y Cheung &
Dr Stephen M S Lee
Iteration on m out of n Bootstrap in Nonregular Cases
Dr Pak-wing Fong Heteroscedastic Models with Random Coefficients
Miss Yvonne Hoi-sheung Ho A Study on Effective Algorithms for General Inference Problems
Miss Polly Po-ling Kam Mixture Autoregression with Heavy-tailed Conditional Distribution
Dr Kwok-fai Lam Semiparametric Regression Analysis with Current Status Data &
State-space Modeling of Multivariate Grouped Survival Data
Dr Stephen M S Lee A Study of m out of n Bootstrap Procedures for General M-estimation
Professor Wai-keung Li Modelling of Financial Time Series with Applications to Value-at-Risk (VAR) Problems in Financial Market Risk
Miss Man-Chi Pun m out of n Bootstrap for Nonstandard M-Estimation
Miss On-yee Tang Estimation of Generalized Linear Mixed Models Using Multiple Imputations
Dr Philip L H Yu Statistical Methods in Finance &
Spatial Models for Multiple Ranking Data and Their Applications &
Statistical Methods for Analyzing Ranking Data and Their Applications in Business and Social Studies
Dr K C Yuen Comparing k Cumulative Incidence Functions through Resampling Methods

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