MVAPICH and MVAPICH2, which are derived from MPICH and MPICH2 respectively, are MPI distribution for HPC systems using InfiniBand(IB) networking technologies. A portion of the gridpoint compute nodes are interconnected with InfiniBand switch. In order to run MPI programs using IB, you have to compile your codes with MVAPICH or MVAPICH2, and submit your job to the batch queues specified for IB nodes.

Using MVAPICH on HPC systems

On HPC2015, you can set the required environment variables and path by loading the module.

HPC2015 system
MPI version Compiler module command
MVAPICH2 2.0 PGI Compiler 15.7 module load mvapich/pgi/2.0
2.1 16.10 module load mvapich/pgi/2.1
2.2 18.5 module load mvapich/pgi/2.2
Intel Compiler module load mvapich/intel/2.2a