Inauguration Ceremony of
High Performance Computing Cluster on Windows Platform

October 20, 2004            Council Chamber, 8/F, Meng Wah Complex, The University of Hong Kong

The ceremony has been successfully completed on October 20, 2004.

The University of Hong Kong has installed Hong Kong's first High Performance Computing Cluster (HPCC) running on Windows Server 2003 through a generous sponsorship of Microsoft Hong Kong. This is a pioneer development of the University to extend High Performance Computing (HPC) to the Microsoft Windows platform. The Windows HPCC platform creates a new dimension for the University to support computational-intensive researches and large-scale simulations and problem-solving applications in various disciplines for the benefits of the community.

At the event, there will be a demonstration of an innovative application developed for Portfolio Optimization and Risk Management utilizing the Microsoft .NET and SQL 64-bit server technology. Through the demonstration, you could visualize how this powerful Windows-based HPCC infrastructure could bring unparalleled performance and TCO benefits to companies involved in financial services, and offer a cost-effective solution to meet the needs of intensive computation, management and development scalability in their IT environments.

Officiating guests of the ceremony include Professor Paul Tam, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, The University of Hong Kong; Mr Robbie Ray Wright, Director, Business Marketing Organization, Microsoft Hong Kong and Dr Nam Ng, Director, Computer Centre, The University of Hong Kong. Professor Thomas F Coleman from the Cornell University of the United States will also be at the event to share with you his experience in exploiting the potentials of Windows-based HPCC environment.