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In the academic research area, High Performance Computing (HPC) facilities are heavily used for solving computational problems that are not flexible to be done using conventional computers due to the huge amount of CPU power, memory, network and disk space requirements.

In order to facilitate intensive computations, Information Technology Services(ITS) has set up several High Performance Computing cluster, High Throughput Computing and grid facilities.

The HKU e-Research Community is a communication platform for multi-disciplinary researchers who are currently High Performance Computing and Grid Computing users (HKU e-Researchers). It also serves as a repository of the profiles and researches of HKU e-Researchers. Staff and students who are looking for intensive computing resources to assist in their research projects may also find interest in joining this community.

Intel HPC Public Lecture and Hands-on Training Workshop

A Public Lecture and 2-day training workshop were jointly organized by ITS and Intel® at October 13-14, 2015.

Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) Software Training

A NAG software training course jointly organized by ITS and the Department of Statistics and Actuarial Science was held on June 3-4, 2013.

Invitation to Participate PRAGMA Online Seminar "Building the PRAGMA Multi-Cloud"

HKU is an institutional member of PRAGMA (the Pacific Rim Applications and Grid Middleware Assembly).

New queue resource allocation policy for Gridpoint system

We are so glad to inform you after a prolonged working the replacement air conditioning system in the gridpoint computer room has been installed and been officially delivered this morning.