Grid computing technology is considered as the blueprint for the new research computing infrastructures. Grid computing works by securely sharing computing power and data storage capacity over the Internet and through dedicated high-speed networks. The Grid approach enables resource virtualization, on-demand provisioning, and service (resource) sharing between organizations.

IT Services support various fields of scientific research the exploit resources and tools available in the global grid computing infrastructure. To make this possible we have developed partnerships with international grid organizations.

International Grid Facilities


  • EGEE/EGI is the largest multi-disciplinary grid infrastructure in the world, to produce a reliable and scalable computing resource available to the European and global research community.
  • HKU joined the Enabling Grids for E-science (EGEE) Grid organization at 2008
  • You may visit the EGEE/EGI grid resources in IT Services for more information.

Pacific Rim Application and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA)

  • HKU joined the Pacific Rim Application and Grid Middleware Assembly (PRAGMA) Grid organization at 2009.
  • PRAGMA was formed in 2002 to establish sustained collaborations and advance the use of grid technologies in applications among a community of investigators working with leading institutions around the Pacific Rim.
  • You may visit our HKU-PRAGMA page for more details.

The HKU Computer Centre Grid Certificate Authority (HKU Grid CA)

  • HKU Grid CA is the First Interoperable Global Trust Federation (IGTF) Accredited Certificate Authority for Grid Computing in Hong Kong since 2009
  • HKU Grid CA is the Certificate Authority (CA) which provides X.509 digital certificates to support Grid related research computing in the Hong Kong region.
  • We issue User Certificates and Host Certificates for the following subjects:
    • Regular staffs and students participating in The University of Hong Kong (HKU).
    • Other collaborators or institutes can provide valid official documents as the proof of the involvement in Grid research & scientific collaborations with HKU.
  • For more information, please visit the HKU Grid CA website at

International Research Network

High speed direct network link are established between HKU and the following research network to enhance the International Grid & HPC collaboration: