Below is list of software which is tested to work with the HKU HTCondor system. Please contact the research computing team for additional instructions/binaries in order to use them on HTCondor. For unlisted software, you are welcomed to contact the research computing team for help as long as there is a Windows version of it, and there is a valid license for the software.

Area Name Version Remarks
Utilities 7zip 2015-12-31 Full Support
Quantum Chemistry Firefly 8.1.1
Registration required.
Molecular Docking Autodock Vina 1.1.2 Full Support
Statistics R 3.2.3 (x64) OKAY. To work with R packages please contact ITS.
Scripting Python 2.7.11 OKAY. To work with Python packages please contact ITS.
3.5.1 Partial Support: Base language only
Matlab   Executable generated by Matlab compiler
(If the code will not change much)
GNU Data Language 0.9.6 Partial Support: Graphic Plotting and Saving cannot be used

If you are going to develop software which would run on HTCondor, you should contact the HTC team as early as possible for arrangements.
The following libraries may work with HTCondor:

  • Libraries: Boost 1.61.0 (partial support)
  • Numerical Libraries: Eigen, GNU MP (GMP), MPFR, OpenBLAS, GSL, FFTW
  • Constraint Programming: GeCode
  • Graphics related: mesa, freeglut, GLEW
  • Image Formats: libpng12, libjpeg9, libtiff 4.0.6
  • Geographical Data Processing: GDAL (partial support for NetCDF or HDF5 formats), proj4
  • Cryptography: OpenSSL, libgcrypt
  • Networking: libssh2, cURL
  • Compression: zlib, SZIP
  • Database: sqlite3
  • Others: libxml2