HPC2021 System

The HPC2021 (hpc2021.hku.hk) is a High Performance Computing Linux cluster equipped with 4 types of compute-nodes, giving an aggregate theoretical processing power of 804 TFLOPS, for supporting the diverse needs of the University’s different research disciplines.

The cluster is consisted of:

  • General Purpose(GP) compute nodes: 84 basic nodes with Intel CPUs and 192GB RAM; 56 basic nodes with AMD CPUs and 256GB/512GB RAM
  • Special Purpose(SP) compute nodes: 7 special GPU nodes with Intel CPUs, 384GB RAM and NVIDIA V100 GPUs; 2 special large-memory nodes with AMD CPUs and 2TB RAM
  • File Systems: Lustre parallel file system (based on Cray ClusterStor L300) providing a storage size of 1228TB; A NFS storage system providing 830TB usable capacity
  • Interconnect: Infiniband network (EDR/HDR100/HDR) for interconnections between compute-nodes and parallel file system; Gigabit-Ethernet networks for NFS storage connection and user access

Useful Information