The PC Linux cluster has been launched in October 2003 to complement the existing hkuhpcc system. This cluster consists of 128 dual 2.8-GHz Intel Xeon processor nodes connected by Gigabit Ethernet network. The processing power of the system is 637.8 Giga-FLOPS (Measured Rmax) / 1433.6 Giga-FLOPS (Theoretical Rpeak). This cluster is ranked as the 240th fastest computer in the world by the TOP500 supercomputer list in November 2003.

Later in 2005, additional 50 dual 3GHz Intel Xeon nodes (belongs to Department of Physics) are integrated to HPCPOWER cluster making total of 178 nodes with total processing power up to 1.0862 Tera-FLOPS (Measured Rmax) / 2.0336 Tera-FLOPS (Theoretical Rpeak).

At late 2008, a new HPCPOWER2 64-bit cluster partition is setup to augment the existing 32-bit HPCPOWER cluster system.

The HPCPOWER system has been decommissioned at August 2014, after its 11 years service to the HKU research community.

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