Scientific computation has become increasingly important in modern research, and the demand for computing resources is ever growing as problems to be solved become more and more complex. To explore the full potential of the University’s research computing facilities, ITS leverages on the existing computing resources and introduces the High Throughput Computing (HTC) service. This HTC service makes use of communal PCs and provides an alternative intensive computing environment for those researchers who prefer using Windows-based tools.

Different from the HPC, which is designed for parallelized scientific applications/programs through distributing workload over many tightly coupled compute nodes, HTC utilizes a bunch of independent nodes each with moderate amount of resources. Research projects suitable for HTC are either serial by nature, or embarrassingly parallel, i.e. they can be easily broken down into smaller, independent sub-problems that can be solved in shorter timeframe.

To apply, please fill in CF162b and select “HTC”.

HTC documentations

High Throughput Computing Facilities
HTC Usage Policies and Guidelines
HTC Quick Start (for whom have had access to HTCondor before)
HTC Overview (for whom need a slower pace than Quick Start)
HTC Job Submission
HTC User Commands
User software known to be usable on HTC

Available To

Researchers whose computationally intensive research problem can be break into numerous small, independent sub-tasks.