What is MEME Suite?

MEME Suite is a collection of tools for the discovery of novel motifs in groups of unaligned nucleotide or protein sequences and, a wide variety of motif-based analyses. It supports motif-based analysis of DNA, RNA and protein sequences.

  • Motif Discovery: MEME, MEME-ChIP, DRMEM, GLAM2
  • Motif Enrichment Analysis: AME, CentriMo, SpaMo, GOMO
  • Motif Search: FIMO, MAST, MCAST, MOTIPH, GLAM2Scan
  • Motif Comparison: Tomtom
  • Additional Primary Tools: AMA
  • Motif Format Conversion Scripts: beeml2meme, chen2meme, elm2meme, iupac2meme, jaspar2meme, matrix2meme, meme2meme, nmica2meme, priority2meme, rna2meme, scpd2meme, sites2meme, taipale2meme, tamo2meme, transfac2meme, uniprobe2meme
  • File Format Conversion Utilities: clustalw2fasta, clustalw2phylip, glam2format, obo2dag
  • Other Utilities:alphtype, ama-qvalues, ceqlogo, compute-prior-dist, create-priors, dust, fasta-center, fasta-dinucleotide-shuffle, fasta-get-markov, fasta-grep, fasta-shuffle-letters, fasta-subsample, fitevd, gendb, getsize, glam2mask, etc.

Using MEME Suite

The MEME Suite is installed under /share1/meme/ in our cluster systems. Please note that sequence databases are not installed in our system. User can download specific sequence database upon your requirements with links provided at http://meme-suite.org/db/sequences.

System Version Command
HPC2021 5.4.1 module load meme/5.4.1

Additional Information

Official MEME Website: http://meme-suite.org/

MEME Suite Manual: http://meme-suite.org/doc/overview.html

Sequence Databases: http://meme-suite.org/db/sequences